Christopher Hess, LMT

Christopher is a former United States Marine and graduate of the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage. He and his wife have made Camillus their home for more than 15 years and their two boys are students in the West Genesee School District. Chris has been in the massage industry for nearly a decade, in both management and therapist positions. Christopher specializes in deep tissue, orthopedic, and sports massage. He is an avid cyclist & runner and brings his understanding of an athlete’s issues to the treatment room. In addition to Camillus Massage Therapy, Christopher is working change the paradigm of massage as it pertains to public opinion. Beginning in 2018, he will be adding blogging and vlogging to the spread his ideas and help as many people as possible.

Christopher is currently only accepting new clients with specific needs or recommendations. With that said, in rare events, he has availability on his schedule. You may view his schedule using the tool below. If nothing is available and you would like to request an appointment, email Chris directly at