Now Offering Thai Massage

The staff of Camillus Massage Therapy is thrilled to welcome Joshua Reyes, LMT to our staff. Joshua is a graduate from the Onondaga School of Therapeutic massage in Syracuse. He has worked as an LMT for Skana at the Turning Stone Resort as well as Health Clubs in Syracuse and Rochester. Before beginning his career in massage therapy Joshua regularly received massage for pain management due strength training and previous injuries. 

Thai massage is often referred to as assisted yoga

He has received training in Orthopedic Massage, traditional Thai, and table Thai massage.  He uses his experience with the relaxation of spa work and the knowledge from these trainings to develop well round massage experience. Each session is tailored to each person’s needs and goals. The focus of his work realignment, and to work to help you achieve a pain free lifestyle. 

Thai massage is an ancient healing acupressure massage technique originating in India. Sometimes referred to as “yoga massage” because it can be described assisted yoga. Although this can be performed on a massage table, traditionally it is preformed on a matte on the floor. The recipient wears loose fitting clothing (workout or yoga clothes) and is taken through a variety of postures and passive assisted stretches, combined with rhythmic rocking and acupressure. This practice not only has energetic benefits but physical as well. It increases flexibility, opens the joint spaces, and works out adhesed muscle and fascia.

If you are interested in Thai Massage, use the form below to book with Josh.